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Entry no. 26 from Maria from Thailand on January 4, 2019

Nice old lcd watches. i never saw website like this, Greetings from Thailand

Entry no. 25 from Jeffrey from Germany on November 21, 2018

Very interesting website, Hmmm lot of cool digital watches from my old school era. Great memories!!!

Entry no. 24 from Richard from Finland on September 15, 2018

Your website is very fast and easy to browse. i collect digital LCD watches since from 2010. Thanks

Entry no. 23 from Mark from USA on April 9, 2018

Great site with rare watches. love your website.

Entry no. 22 from feedback from USA on July 15, 2017

I search internet and finally find the exact watch I want and a link to your website. But when I arrive here I virtually have to start over! No reference from the link apparently. And your selection is just casio - nothing else. The hell with that.

Entry no. 21 from Dennis Reevers from USA on June 23, 2017

This is a fantastic site. I only wish I had known about you guys when I lost and damaged my Citizen Seven digi any 9560 and my Seiko watches. now they're both out of stock. sadness for the end of things...

Entry no. 20 from deltabravo from France on September 15, 2016

I have a fabulous casio cfx 20 giving a little sign of display trouble
I look for à casio cfx 20, 200, 40 or 400
If you have one to sell, contact me please

Entry no. 19 from reza from iran on June 8, 2016

good luck

Entry no. 18 from Brandon from United States on February 10, 2016

it's a Super site of digital watches..!

Entry no. 17 from KATSUO from Japan on January 17, 2016

Thanks very nice watch and quick shipping, Your website is great

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